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Designed to deliver affordable flexible & redundant authentication for Banks, Corporations, Universities, Gov’t agencies & Social Networking Websites. ProtectID can be managed on-premise or via our hosted cloud service.

ProtectID Features:

  • Multiple Out-of-Band authentication methods
  • Hard Token Support
  • Soft Token OATH compliant - desktop and phone based
  • Transaction Verification


Protects you by encrypting your keystrokes when you bank, shop and email online. GuardedID’s Premium version will also protect your desktop applications such as MS Office, VPN clients & IM programs.

GuardedID Features:

  • Encrypts keystrokes
  • Protects financial transactions
  • Protects Corporate Data
  • Warns against Clickjacking attacks
  • Protects from login breaches


The most advanced security suite for Apple & Android mobile devices, protecting user credentials, passwords, online transactions and access to corporate networks. The MobileTrust bundle includes six of the most powerful must-have security features.

MobileTrust Features:

  • Password Vault
  • Encrypted Keyboard & Browser
  • Strong Password Creator
  • ProtectID® Soft Token
  • OATH Compliant Soft Token
  • Encrypted Database


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  • StrikeForce Awarded Patent No. 8,566,608 for Keystroke Encryption on PCs, Macs, and Mobile Devices
    • Investor Relations: StrikeForce commences litigation defending out-of-band authentication patent #7,870,599 (Mar 2013)
    •  StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. awarded Out-of-Band Authentication Patents #7,870,599 & 8,484,698

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